Self-doubt and depression: Bella Hadid has revealed the reverse side of the life of the model

One of the most popular models in the world admitted that they did not feel sexy on the runway of lingerie Victoia”s Secret.

Неуверенность в себе и депрессия: Белла Хадид раскрыла обратную сторону жизни модели

Bella Hadid was involved in three of the shows Victoria’s Secret: in 2016, in Paris, in 2017 in Shanghai and then in 2018 in new York. But each time, appearing on the catwalk in lingerie, felt insecure and embarrassed. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, the supermodel admitted that only recently began to feel sexy on the catwalk. And helped her in this Rihanna. The singer has invited bell to participate in the presentation of its line of underwear, and the special instructions asked you just to be on the podium.

Rihanna is amazing. For me it was the first time on the podium to feel really sexy… When I first came on the show Fenty, I realized that I never felt so strong in my underwear, said Bella.

In an interview Hadid also recalled how he became famous:

I was 18 years old, and I worked 14 hours a day, so was very emotionally unstable. I wanted to cry in the morning, afternoon and evening. I still feel guilty for being able to live an incredible life, have a lot of opportunities, but at the same time feel depressed. All that I have, makes no sense.