Self-employed persons want to exempt from the payment of ERUs

The deputies want to exempt self-employed persons from paying the single social contribution (ERU).

Самозанятых лиц хотят освободить от уплаты ЕСВ

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya”.

On the portal of the Verkhovna Rada the bill No. 2166 “On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On collection and accounting of single contribution for obligatory state social insurance” was registered on 20 September 2019. On 4 February the draft law was adopted in the first reading.

The head of the Subcommittee of the parliamentary Committee on Finance, tax and customs policy Yulia Didenko noted that the document is intended to improve current standards, and most importantly, not to allow physical persons-entrepreneurs which at the same time are registered as self-employed persons paid the tax ERUs twice.

“It is also proposed to exempt persons who carry out independent professional activity, from the payment of ERUs for themselves under the condition of taking them on the register of natural persons-entrepreneurs”, — said Didenko.

In the explanatory note to the bill States that the exemption for the payment of ERUs will be applied for pensioners who carry out independent professional activity.

The head of the Committee on human rights, de-occupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories Dmitry Lubinets said that in the case of the adoption of the law self-employed persons who are not receiving income will be able to pay the UST, however, during this period they will not have seniority and pension payments.