Selma Blair for the first time after chemotherapy was published

American actress Selma Blair, who continues to struggle with severe autoimmune disease — multiple sclerosis, for the first time after chemotherapy was published. The star appeared before the audience in luxurious outfit high heels.

Сельма Блэр впервые после лечения химиотерапией вышла в свет

A serious illness doctors diagnosed Selma Blair about a year ago. Doctors are doing their best, however, all the proposed methods turned out to be useless. When the status of the artist beginning to deteriorate doctor suggested to undergo chemotherapy. The complexities of the treatment Selma Blair says in his account on the social network Instagram. Recently, the star appeared on the forum Time 100 Heath Summit in new York. Talking to reporters, the actress admitted that at first wanted to refuse the proposed method because they do not want more to destroy their own body, but she was not.

Selma Blair transplanted stem cells, and then used chemo that multiple sclerosis is more aggressive than in cancer. Agreeing to treatment the actress was preparing for the worst, that could happen in her life. She began to make plans for death and shared his concerns with the son, who offered to cremate her body after death. However, treatment with chemotherapy was successful. Currently, the star continues rehabilitation. She has returned to the sport, started to participate in filming and photo shoots. The actress admits she doesn’t know yet if I can overcome the disease, however, began to hope for the best.