Selma Blair on a walk with a friend in Los Angeles

47-year-old Selma Blair continues to charge their fans with optimism. In spite of serious illness (in 2018, the actress admitted that doctors diagnosed her multiple sclerosis), she did not lose hope, struggling with ailment, is not closed in himself and leads an active lifestyle.

Сэльма Блэр на прогулке с подругой по Лос-Анджелесу

So, yesterday the paparazzi caught Salmo while walking in Studio city. Blair was walking in the company of a friend, about something with enthusiasm talked with her and enjoyed the ice cream, which is bought in the cafeteria on the road. The actress looked happy and moved without the aid of sticks or other foreign funds that usually have to use because of the weakness in the legs.

By the way, on the eve of his Instagram star also published a photo on which poses together with eight-year-old son Arthur. The picture was taken on a catamaran at an amusement Park, a post under the photos Salma happily announced that this holiday for them with Arthur — a favorite family tradition.

Recall that in late July, Selma completed a course of chemotherapy, which she lost hair on her head. Blair published a photo taken at the hospital, and accompanied by his emotional post.

Today is a great day! I’m being discharged from the hospital where I was under an incredible amount of nursing care, staff and physician who believes in healing me just as I believe in him. The next three months I will have a severely weakened immune system. So, please, no kissing. I thank you for your support and love. Now I see everything much clearer and to share my story, as I’m ready. But at the moment I am going through the recovery phase. While! This is the best gift that I can do Arthur

— wrote Selma.

Recall that the diagnosis of “multiple sclerosis” Selma Blair was diagnosed more than a year ago. Because of the illness, which is accompanied by impaired memory, panic attacks, nausea, weakness in the legs and problems with coordination, Blair had to give up work and favorite Hobbies horseback riding and almost cease to attend social events.