Selma Blair showed themselves after chemotherapy

Celebrity is still recovering after the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Famous American actress Selma Blair (“American crime story”, “legally Blonde”), who previously published a new photo after chemotherapy, has long been struggling with multiple sclerosis (chronic disease that affects the sheath of nerve fibers of brain and spinal cord), according to the with reference to ShowDream.

Сэльма Блэр показала себя после химиотерапии

The last few months, the actress was receiving treatment, which includes chemotherapy. After discharge from the hospital Salma went to rehab home, where he recently moved with the help of a cane or a special bike.

A pleasant surprise for fans was that for the first time in a long time Selma Blair walked outside without a cane. Celebrity noticed while walking the streets of Los Angeles.

It is worth noting that the pictures leaked, the celebrity looks very happy.