Selma Blair was able to return to horse riding after chemotherapy

In July of this year, the actress was worried they’d soon be able to sit on his favorite horse. However, on 5 October, she again wore the uniform for show jumping and went to see my horse.

Сэльма Блэр смогла вернуться к занятиям конным спортом после химиотерапии

Horse riding for Selma Blair, perhaps the lesson is more important than acting. Star many years rode horses and even participated in professional competitions. Selma often used to spend evenings for walks in the saddle and always perceived horses your friends. Her Instagram remembers many happy moments: here actress kissing their horses, that wins the victory in the competition, but acquaints with the horses my son.

Winter and summer, the actress was ready at any moment to jump on neporotovo other and to rush on the field. Selma not left their classes and during disease, progressive multiple sclerosis. Even when on the carpet she came out with a cane, and the city moved on a special wheelchair, she came every day to the stable to their horses and tried — at least as a therapy for them to ride.

However, in July 2019, due to the deterioration of the disease, the actress announced that she had to leave horse riding. Because of the weakness of legs and loss of balance it is unable even to climb into the saddle, let alone ride! Many fans who know about love Selma to equestrian, left her hundreds of sympathetic comments and words of support.

After a grueling chemotherapy Blair complained of feeling unwell. She felt, only became worse. It would seem that on his return to the saddle could not go and speeches. But day after day the star was on the mend and now with undisguised pleasure walking around the city, go out and swim in the pool.

And on 5 October it’s the first time jumping wearing the uniform! In white stretch pants and high riding boots Selma visited the stall of his favorite horse, Mr. Nibbles. The actress, who due to the severe treatment he lost his hair, turned as white wig tail of a horse. It seems that the star even managed to ride. Agree, a real miracle!

Сэльма Блэр смогла вернуться к занятиям конным спортом после химиотерапии

Netizens enthusiastically greeted this publication. They admired the tenacity and love for life Selma and wished her gradually to enter into the sports form. “You have to win the new competition,” wrote the subscribers to Blair.