Seminar on the war in Ukraine and Mardi Gras: how to spend a weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area (March 4-6)

Ukraine War and Mardi Gras Seminar: How to Spend a Weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area ( March 4-6)

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What: Seminar “War in Ukraine: debunking myths”

When: Friday, March 4, from 13:00

Where: Online

More: The war in Ukraine is the most discussed topic in the whole world. Several experts gathered to discuss the current situation, the myths that go around this war, and its possible outcomes.

Maureen Flaherty (Center for Ukrainian-Canadian Studies), Orisya Kulyk (expert in political science, German and Slavic Studies), Yulia Ivanyuk (Center for Ukrainian-Canadian Studies), Andrea Charron (Center for Defense and Security Studies) and Irina Konstantyuk (an expert in Slavic studies).

Price: Free


What: < b>Family Fun Festival

When: Saturday-Sunday, March 5-6

Where: Spark Social SF, 601 Mission Bay Boulevard North San Francisco, CA 94158

Read More:While all adults and children are waiting for Maslenitsa, there is a great opportunity to have fun at the family fun festival. Visitors will be offered goods from 40 local sellers, as well as live music, children's entertainment, food trucks and much more.

Price: Free



What: Mardi Gras

When: Saturday, March 5, from 19:30


Where: 2140 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123-4004

More:This traditional annual event invites guests to participate in a competition for the best costume. Among other things, they will choose kings and queens in different age groups. In addition, guests of the celebration will be treated to traditional dishes from different regions of the United States, as well as entertained with musical performances.

Price: Free


What: Farmers Market

Ukraine War and Mardi Gras Seminar: How to Spend a Weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area (March 4-6)

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When: Sunday, March 6th at 09:00

Where: 37th Avenue at Ortega/Pacheco, San Francisco, CA 94122 37th Avenue San Francisco, CA

Read More: Find fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fresh flowers at this farmer's market and local baked goods. This is a great place to have a fun weekend, stock up on healthy and fresh products.

Price: Free


What:Presentation of the book “Jewish King”

When: Sunday, March 6, from 09:00

< p>Where: Online

Read more: In the collection of poems “King of the Jews” Alexander Averbukh intertwines memory and oblivion. It is a confusing panorama of an intimate private history, connecting closely related voices with voices that are completely alien, but at the same time understandable. Combining modernist tradition with documentary writing, these poems describe the most pressing problems and the most painful, unspoken topics: Jewish catastrophes during the pogroms and the Holocaust, displaced Ostarbeiters with lost homes, and constantly changing language – it is not the only tool capable of conveying these experiences.

Price: Free


What: Ceramic workshop

When: Sunday, March 6, from 11:00 am

Where: Online

More details:Admire the unique ceramic art of Slava Gerulak, an artist popular in the Ukrainian-American community for her beautiful folklore style, and have fun creating these unique pieces of art out of plasticine yourself.

Price: $5-7


What: Seminar on the war in Ukraine, the UN and human rights

Ukraine War and Mardi Gras Seminar: How to Spend a Weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area ( March 4-6)

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Sunday, March 6, from 14 :00

Where: Online

More: Edward Ingebretsen will talk about the war in Ukraine, and how this situation will affect the United Nations (UN) and human rights violations.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights – it is an international document adopted by the UN General Assembly. It enshrined the rights and freedoms of all people. Designed by a UN committee chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt, it was adopted by the General Assembly in 1948.

Ingebretsen holds degrees in theology, philosophy, and education, and a doctorate in American literature and culture.

Price: Free

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