Senate Republicans rejected the proposal of the Democrats to impeach trump

The Republican-controlled Senate blocked initiatives of the Democrats to call witnesses and present evidence in the proceedings on the impeachment of US President Donald trump, which is the first sign that events will develop in a positive way for trump’s way. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Республиканцы в Сенате отклонили предложения демократов по импичменту Трампа

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The senators have blocked three different proposals of the democratic leader Chuck Schumer to request a subpoena at the White house, state Department and office of management and budget documents and information concerning trump with Ukraine.

The legislature voted in accordance with their party affiliation: 53 votes for and 47 against.

With the same result, senators rejected the requirement to send a subpoena to testify, the President’s chief of staff Mick of Malvani.

Democrats urging the Senate to remove trump from office for requirements to Ukraine to investigate the activities of his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, and subsequent attempts to obstruct the investigation of this issue.

In December, the House of representatives, where the majority are Democrats, criticized trump’s impeachment, accusing him of abusing power and obstructing the work of Congress. The President denies wrongdoing on their part.

In the night of Wednesday, January 22, the Senate also approved the procedure for the conduct of the proceedings on impeachment.

In accordance with the procedure proposed by the Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell, in the opening statements of the parties is 48 hours – 24 hours for each side. In total it will take six days. The previous plan assumed a more rigid schedule when each party received in two days. In addition, the Senate agreed to accept as evidence the documents on the investigation conducted by the House of representatives.

Opening statements will begin when the trial will continue at 13:00 on Wednesday, January 22.

During the first discussions, the head of the team of lawyers trump criticized the case as groundless. In turn, a leading legislator-Democrat declared that the evidence of offenses “compelling.”

Under a sight of television cameras, the President of the Supreme court John Roberts declared the meeting open, and the parties began to argue about the rules of procedure, proposed by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

White house adviser Pat Cipollone, who heads the defense of trump, criticized the basis of accusations against the Republican President and said that the Democrats are no closer to the established constitutional standards for impeachment.

“The only conclusion to which we arrive is that the President did absolutely nothing illegal, said Cipollone. – There simply is no case”.

The democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, who was one of the initiators of the investigation of the house of representatives, summarized the charges against trump, arguing that the President has committed a “constitutional misconduct that would justify impeachment.”

According to Schiff, although the collected evidence against the trump’s “already strong”, further witness statements, to demonstrate the scale of the offense, which allowed the President and his entourage”.

Democrats said that required to hold several votes on the present evidence and call witnesses to fix the position of the Republicans on this issue.

“Perhaps today we will have the only chance to get a fair trial. But it becomes increasingly clear that the White house has no answers to the questions, why not request these documents and to call those witnesses”, – said Senator Chris Murphy.