Senator Warren is ready to spoil relations with Canada for the sake of whales (PHOTOS)

Сенатор Уоррен готова испортить отношения с Канадой ради спасения китов (ФОТО)

Canada criticized one of the leading American politicians. In the letter dedicated to the protection of right whales in the North Atlantic, Elizabeth Warren scolding Canada for inadequate action in this regard. It’s definitely not conducive to the good image of Canada and if the government does not take action, there can be serious consequences.

Warren, who is a candidate for US President and Senator, and Senator Edward Markey sent a letter to National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA), which at the time was the reason why Canada imposed the law on the protection of the threatened extinction of the Northern smooth or bowhead whale.

The senators also asked NOAA to examine the canadian laws, because of threatened extinction of whales continue to die in canadian waters.

“The problematic situation with harp kit requires the most urgent action,” – said in a letter to senators.

November 3, when in canadian waters killed another kit of this type, the total number of registered deaths of baleen whales off the coast of Canada increased to nine. Currently on the planet there are only about 411 of the baleen whales.

Warren and Mark said that canadian laws on the protection of baleen whales are not as stringent as in the US, and this needs to change.

“And the United States and Canada must take decisive and concerted efforts to save this rare species – the senators said. It is very important to know that in relation to American and canadian fishermen are one and the same high standards”.

These two senators from Massachusetts, where, according to them, the companies of the catch of lobster had to make “great sacrifices” to protect bowhead whales.

They claim that us companies on catching lobsters and fishing companies have to deal with more stringent restrictions for protection of bowhead whales, while Canada this year has reduced requirements.

In August, the Ministry of transport of Canada have abolished the speed limit in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the absence of the baleen whales, but assured that the request to reduce the speed will be restored in the event of their return here.

If during investigation it is found that the canadian rules are less strict than in the United States, according to the senators, the US government should consider restricting imports of canadian fish products.

Warren, Mark and nine other senators initially made the request about the investigation in April 2018, but the management NOAA has not responded, and the investigation was not carried out.

Of course, now that the presidential candidate of the USA has subjected to criticism of Canada, the whole community will follow closely the course of events.