Seniors that the CAQ has forgotten

Seniors the CAQ forgot


We often spend a lifetime wondering about the meaning of our existence. I'm still thinking about it. When I see young people getting excited over trivialities without thinking too much, I say to myself: “Young people have to be young.” After all, we've all had our period of overpowering.

Still, respect for elders has always been one of my mantras. Being born in Ivory Coast, my childhood was rocked by these African legends told by the old sages of the village. Real encyclopedias. Old and old are not derogatory terms in this part of the world. 

We use them out of respect. Elders are important actors in these societies, the guardians of memory, education and tradition. 

So imagine my indignation when greed turns the lives of elders upside down.   

The Mont-Carmel Residence

You have surely heard of the legal saga between the elders of the Mont-Carmel Residence and their new owner, Henry Zavriyev, an expert in “  renoviction ». 

His strategy? Buying buildings, raising prices, and kicking out anyone who can't satisfy his greed. 

With this residence, he even let the seller believe, by his signature on the deed of sale, that he intended to respect its vocation, that of being a private residence for seniors (RPA). 

However, on January 31, this sad character announced to the 200 residents the change of vocation of his building by an eviction notice and on February 11, he informed the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de -the Island of Montreal. 

Rather lamentable, of course, but the fact remains that if this repeat offender of “renoviction” is able to get rich with his friends from the LRM Group, to whom he has given the management of his buildings, it is quite simply because we let them. 

The plan de la CAQ 

Last May, the Legault government announced its Action plan for long-term accommodation 2021-2026 – For well-being people accommodated. We can assume that several meetings were organized with experts for months to come up with this plan. Could it then be possible that a consultation whose objective was the accommodation of seniors did not take RPA into consideration? However, the case of the Mont-Carmel residence is not unique. 

It is rather ironic to see them going all out on Twitter with the famous seniors' homes, while the system of RPA presents a gaping hole that invites raptors to exploit the most vulnerable. 

However, a simple amendment to the Civil Code prohibiting the change of vocation of this type of residence could have resolved this injustice. 

Why didn't the government do anything? Is it still the omnipotence of the dollar god? After all, what are people at the end of their life compared to young wolves in full financial glory? 

Sadly… Nothing, they don't seem to weigh much in the balance.

Seniors the CAQ forgot