Sensational “Ingulets” the second season in a row knocked Karpaty of the Ukraine Cup on penalties…

Сенсационный «Ингулец» второй сезон подряд выбил «Карпаты» из Кубка Украины в серии пенальти...

Wednesday, 25 September, took place the matches of the third preliminary round of the Cup of Ukraine with the participation of five clubs in the elite division.

At this stage of the competition the Premier League has lost only one representative. Ironically, Karpaty for the second season in a row was knocked out of the tournament, losing on penalties to the representative of the first League “the Ingulets” from Petrovo, which is in may sensationally played in the Cup final against Shakhtar.

Only in overtime was able to win in the village Demidov in Kiev region, where his rivals accepts the second-League “Dinaz” fighting on three fronts “Alexandria”. In fairness, we note that the guests came to the game without head coach Volodymyr Sharan and reserve team.

The Cup Of Ukraine. Third preliminary round

September 25 (Wednesday)

“Agribusiness” (Volochysk) — “Dnepr-1” — 1:3 (Chernenko, 75 — Buletza, 19, Kulish, 27, Korkishko, 65).

“Dinaz” (Kiev) — “Alexandria” — 0:1 in extra time (Globa, 104).

Kremin (Kremenchuk) — Olimpik (Donetsk) — 2:3 (Sidorenko, 9, Koshman, 76 Charles, 14, Zotko, 41, penalty, Mr. Pasic, 54).

“Nikolaev” — “Chernomorets” (Odessa) — 1:0 (Panasenko, 77). On 87 minutes, deleted Pavlov (“Chernomorets”).

“Bucovina” (Chernivtsi) — “Lions” — 0:2 (Renard, 17, 79)

“Minay” (Uzhgorod) — “Volyn” (Lutsk) — 1:0 (Mamc, 85). On 56 minutes, removed Strigeus, and in the 79th — Karpenko (both FC Volyn).

“Ingulets” (Petrovo) — Karpaty (Lviv) — 0:0. On penalties — 7:6. On 114 minutes, removed Ella Ken (“Ingulets”).

Alyans, OOO (Lime Valley) — The Balkans (Dawn) — 1:0 (Shari, 36).

“Obolon-Brovar” (Kyiv) — “Gornyak-Sport” (Horishni Smooth) — 0:2 in extra time (Bily, 109, Kotlyar, 120+1).

Another match of “movement” (Vynnyky) — “Mariupol” will take place on 2 October.

Recall that the winners of the matches reached the 1/8 finals, where they will join teams in the Premier League occupies 1st to 6th places. The matches will be held on October 30 (the date of the draw will be announced later).

Photo of FC “Karpaty”

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