Sensational Sweden and Finland won UEFA Euro 2020: overview videos of the matches

Швеция и сенсационная Финляндия завоевали путевки на Евро-2020: видеообзоры матчей

On Friday, November 15, in three groups took place the next matches of qualifying tournament of European football championship, the final of the UEFA Euro 2020 (followed by Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Spain, England, Czech Republic, France and Turkey) won the team Finland, and Sweden.

Group D

Denmark — Gibraltar — 6:0 (SKOV, 12, 64, Hudler, 47, Breitbach, 51, Eriksen, 85, 90+4).

Switzerland — Georgia — 1:0 (Itten, 77).

The Swiss are ahead of schedule, would leave the group if they beat Georgia, which outshine them in Tbilisi (2:0), and in a parallel match would not have been able to win Denmark. The team of Vladimir Petkovic with his task, but to hope that the Danes will not overcome on the home field of Gibraltar, would be foolish.

The fate of two permits will be decided in the last round, when they will play Ireland, Denmark and Gibraltar — Switzerland.

Position of commands: 1. Denmark — 15 (7); 2. Switzerland — 14 (7); 3. Ireland — 12 (7); 4. Georgia — 8 (8); 5. Gibraltar — 0 (7).

Group F

Spain — Malta — 7:0 (Morata, 23, Santi Cazorla, 41, Pau Torres, 62, Sarabia, 63, Olmo, 69, Moreno, 71, Navas, 85).

Romania — Sweden — 0:2 (Berg, 18, Quaison, 34).

From going to Bucharest the national team of Sweden as the winner group of the League of Nations for hedging was skipping in the play-offs. But the Scandinavians decided not to pull the cat’s tail and right in the capital of Romania, thanks to an accurate header and the effective transfer of Berg issued a pass to the finals of Euro 2020.

Norway — Faroe Islands 4:0 (Reginiussen, 4, Fossum, 8, Sørloth, 62, 65).

The Norwegians in the match with the islanders celebrated their biggest in 10 years a home win (in 2009 with the same score in the qualifying match of world Cup 2010 in Oslo has been beaten Scotland), but this success will not help them to get out of the group. The winning ticket after the Spaniards pulled compatriots Swedish Norway coach Lars Lagerbäck.

Position of commands: 1. Spain — 27 (9); 2. Sweden — 18 (9); 3. Romania — 14 (9); 4. Norway — 14 (9); 5. Faroe Islands — 3 (9); 6. Malta — 3 (9).

Group J

Armenia — Greece 0:1 (Limnios, 35).

The Greeks avenged the Armenian national team for the June setback in Athens (2:3), but above the third place in the group of Champions of Europe of 2004 is still not up.

Finland — Liechtenstein — 3:0 (Tuominen, 21, Pukki, 64, with a penalty, 75).

The Finns defeated at the stadium “Telia 5G-arena” in Helsinki, the team of Liechtenstein for the tour to finish, have secured the second row in the group and for the first time in history will play the final stage of a major tournament. The author of the reserve team striker Pukki in the qualifying round of Euro 2020 scored 9 (!) of the 15 goals the team Markku Kanerva.

By the way, Finland — 34-I team that will play in the final tournament of the European championship. In 2004, the Euro debuted Latvia, in 2008 — Austria and Poland, in 2012 — Ukraine-and 2016 — Albania, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia and Wales.

Bosnia and Herzegovina — Italy — 0:3 (Acerbi, 21, Insigne, 37, Belotti, 53).

The Italian team, it’s still early to guarantee yourself a pass for Euro 2020, at the stadium in Zenica celebrated their 10th (!) consecutive success (with a total score 28:3!), breaking the record of 81-year-old. In 1938 the Italian team under the leadership of coach Vittorio Pozzo won “only” nine consecutive matches and became world champion.

Position of commands: 1. Italy — 27 (9); 2. Finland — 18 (9); 3. Greece — 11 (9); 3. Armenia — 10 (9); 5. Bosnia and Herzegovina — 10 (9); 6. Liechtenstein — 2 (9).

Recall that the final of the European championship 2020 will be held from 12 June to 12 July at 12 stadiums 12 cities 12 national associations of UEFA. Participation in tournament will see 24 teams that will be divided into six groups of four teams. The draw for the group stage of Euro 2020 will take place on 30 November in Bucharest. The final match of the tournament will be played July 12 at the stadium “Wembley” in London.

On Friday, November 15, also held a friendly match between soccer powerhouses. At the stadium “King Fahd” in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) national team of Argentina thanks to a goal in the 13th minute Messi (striker Barcelona missed a penalty, but the first managed to follow) defeated the team of Brazil 1:0. Note that the Brazilians also failed to convert a penalty: on 10-th minute the forward “Manchester city” Jesus shot from the 11-meter mark past the gate.


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