Sergey Babkin published a cheerful Sunny photo

Sergey Babkin trying to please their loved ones for no reason. He admits that his wife Alice was his Muse, friend, close person to confide in all, but the youngest son Elisha has already become a devoted fan of the Pope, and the first “evaluates” his new creations. The musician loves walking with the boy and don’t hide your happiness from such a pastime. About the woman artist does not forget and pleases her with nice surprises. For example, a new photo in Instagram Sergey sealed with a huge bouquet of Sunny chrysanthemums in his hands.

Сергей Бабкин опубликовал веселое солнечное фото

The singer posing in a stylish hat and happily smiling directly into the lens. He is winking one eye and demonstrates the good mood on camera.

“A little sunshine You the tape! As your output? I have a very active!” the singer confessed.

In stories of his wife Snjezana Sergei with a bouquet in hands for her to read the original funny poem before giving a nice present.

“This is chrysanthemum! Autumn came, falling leaves, I don’t need anybody except you!” the musician said to the camera.

“Love descends suddenly”, signed Snezhana photo on the page husband.

Subscribers Sergei was delighted with his skills nice to give gifts and pamper your favorite pleasant surprises.

  • Chrysanthemums are the real and genuine flowers. Breath. And smiled. What a man – and such a bouquet!
  • Everything is beautiful: a man and a bouquet favorite. You are a very beautiful couple with Snezhana and beautiful family. God forbid our society and get these families more
  • Just beautiful! Two suns in one photo
  • Great! Look at the photo and smell
  • Adorable