Sergey Babkin recalled how once almost broke up with his wife

Musician and member of the group 5’nizza Sergey Babkin openly admitted that he once almost broke up with his wife Snezana.

Сергей Бабкин вспомнил, как однажды едва не расстался с женой

According to Babkin, when his relationship with the three bears was just beginning, he was fond of alcohol. But mistress gave him an ultimatum, so the artist refused to bad habits, said in the program “Glory”.

“I continued. I was next to her, and she sees it all happening. And it’s scary not placed on the heart. She said, “I’m not going to ban anything. If you want to continue, I’m not around, I can’t do. If you want us to be together, you have to stop,” — said Sergey.

Since then, I confessed musician, the echoes of a past life. Although one day, however, there was a situation where Babkin nearly lost his love for his negligence. After three years of living together, Snezana almost left her husband.

“One day. In the third year of life together was such history. In General, the ground began to crack beneath your feet. I understand that this is the end. I really screwed up. SNIA was Packed. It’s all over. I freaked out and behaved very badly. A festival was, we have something like that.. off we go. I’m not home late at night.. well, it happened. And stop the poltergeist. He lived with us,” surprised Babkin.

According to the artist, in their home lives otherworldly creature that repeatedly saved the household.

“I had a temperature 42. I was lying alone in the bedroom, and Snow children were in the nursery. I felt bad, I started to call out, to move can not. He yelled, you think that struggling, but barely. After some time she arrived, the paramedics arrived. She says: “Why did you call from your home phone? And home phone is near the front door, so I had to fall to crawl to the door, I had the opportunity to child for them to crawl. I said, “what home?”. She: “Well, look, a call from our home phone to my mobile”. She woke up from a phone call where he heard my voice, ran to call the doctor” — taken aback by the story Babkin.

But during a Grand fight when Jack was about to leave, the poltergeist did not give her to do so.

“She’s gone, when this is all happened when I decided to go. Looks full tub of water. And already flows over the edges. She cranes, as they are closed. It becomes, begins this water to wipe, it pours. And hears someone behind her in the same pose and type: “What are you doing, you bastards. What are you doing”. She sat on the suitcases and everything,” — said Babkin.