Sergey Babkin told about his attitude to breastfeeding in public places

The actor spoke about important in modern society issue

Popular Ukrainian singer and actor Sergey Babkin, who will speak on “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”, which channel “Ukraine” will show on the evening of 31 December, said about his attitude to breastfeeding in public places. Note that the popular Ukrainian singer for the fourth time became a father this summer! His wife Veronica gave birth to мальчика18 June.

Сергей Бабкин рассказал о своем отношении к грудному вскармливанию в публичных местах

Well-known musician told about his attitude to the important subject of infant-feeding in different places of Ukraine and the world. Now for the family of Sergey Babkin this question is relevant because, together with his wife they bring up the younger 5-month-old son Elisha.

“I will speak in examples. For example, with the baby we’re going to Express she will sit, raise your shirt and feed, or at an airport gate when you’re expecting and need to feed the baby. In a taxi, or walk in the Park sat on a bench and fed. It’s the baby asks for milk. Yes, down the street to go and feed, she does,” shared Sergey Babkin in an interview to journalists of the channel “Ukraine”.

The artist explains – for this he and his wife deliberately choose a comfortable place:

“It’s not public, we choose a place where not many people where you can escape and feed”, – said the artist.