Sergey Pritula told how to live a “fascist Kiev”

Ukrainian showman and presenter Sergey Pritula continued the theme of the scandalous message of his ex-colleagues on “Faina Ukraina” Andrey Molochnyy. In the network he told me how to live a “fascist Kiev”.

Сергей Притула рассказал, как живет «фашистский Киев»

Sergey Pritula offered to subscribers of his Facebook blog the story about the pensioner who is an ardent admirer of the USSR. On the subject of the message, the woman visited a supermarket and Soviet symbols have become a victim of the Kiev fascists. Thus the broadcaster with humor showed life in the Ukrainian capital, the eyes of his ex-colleagues, reports the with reference to

“The old lady, with the order of Lenin on top of a faded coat with Astrakhan fur collar, was standing at the checkout of the grocery store “Eva B”. It was surrounded by a crowd of young people so dense that you will not understand, how many there were: 14 may 88 all… Through the Windows from the street watched everything neatly combed “in the direction” fair-haired teenagers in shirts and shorts. In the transition the metro station “Theatrical” the seniors danced to the tunes of Wagner… with chestnuts slowly falling brown leaves. It was the fall of 2019. Kiev lived its usual life!” – wrote Sergey Pritula, Vaslav scandalous statement about fascism.

What is known about Andrei Milk?

7 November in all the Ukrainian media appeared the statement of resonant actor Andrew Milk. Appeal to supporters, he began with the mention of Kiev offensive operation between the red Army and the Wehrmacht, during which was released the capital. The military of Nazi Germany Milk compared with the modern inhabitants of Kiev who, according to him, already 5 years, “there are crowds in the city.”

“Five years ago, I wrote about this, not taught such posts. Since five years ago, I even could not think that in Kiev the crowds to walk the Nazis. I even could not imagine that they would defile the monuments to the heroes of the great Patriotic war. That will demolish the monuments to Zhukov and Vatutin”, – was stated in the notorious statement.

In addition, Andrew Milk claims that the Day of Victory youth offends veterans, and the Ukrainian police contributes to this, making “even the children to remove the caps with red stars”.

Such statements ex-colleagues responded Sergey Prytula. Andrew Milk they participated in the creation of the TV show “Faina Ukraina” and the Comedy Club Ukraine. In the words of actor Sergey Pritula wrote rhymed lines (based on the author’s style):

If od mene ti psle, I bitterly Plaka.
Obidva elbow scusa, prop larocca grill.
The post action in stogram I natrapel…
Crying shte times I clamav costil!

Many have been to protect Andrew Milk, but the majority condemned him for such a statement.

Сергей Притула рассказал, как живет «фашистский Киев»