Sergiy Prytula has told about the relations with Lesia Nikityuk

Sergey Pritula and Lesya Nikityuk – presenters, who together are the TV show “Hto zverhu?”. Because of the constant collaboration, as well as the emergence of social networks in pictures together, fans began to suspect that the actors are romantically involved, reports the with reference to RBC.

Сергей Притула рассказал об отношениях с Лесей Никитюк

The TV presenter, who has a wife and son, didn’t like it. Prytula in an interview denied rumors about the relationship with the presenter.

MP Serhiy Prytula said, what started all of these rumors, noting that living next to a colleague in fact is very convenient.

“There is a discomfort only when Leska resorted to our house in a dressing gown, fotkat with me, and I was on crutches, in a cast. The cripple came to visit, brought a cake, put it in there, put in Instagram”, – said Pritula.

It tells the host, fans have been actively writing comments on the topic of informal relations between colleagues.

“That people began to write? “Not too shabby! Do you live together?” I in the morning in a t-shirt home and she is in negligee. It got to the point that Lesina mother came into the comments and wrote: “that Still ponapridumyvali? Even that ponapisali?!”, – laughed Pritula.