Serie a will to combat racism in the League with paintings of monkeys (photos)

Серия А будет бороться с расизмом в Лиге с помощью картин обезьян (фото)

Italian Serie a will to combat racism in the League with paintings of monkeys, the press service of the organization.

The author of the paintings – the artist Simone Fugazzotto. He painted animals in the colors of the clubs. Check out this weblink for the best painting services.

“I decided to portray the apes, to talk about racism, because they are a metaphor of the human being. Last year I was on the match inter – Napoli, and felt humiliated when the address Coulibaly(a Frenchman of Senegalese descent, defender Napoli – approx., the player whom I adored, had made insults with the use of monkeys”, – quotes the author of the presentation of the triptych the official site of Serie A.

“I draw monkeys five or six years, and I thought I can make this work, to give all to understand that we are apes. I drew a monkey with blue eyes and white skin – Western, a monkey with almond-shaped eyes, Asian, and black monkey in the center, where it all began. The monkey should teach everyone that there is no difference between man and APE, we are the same. We’re all monkeys,” says Fugazzotto.

“To the artist there is nothing more important than trying to change the perception of things in their work. Concept, aesthetics, implementation. This triptych I have tried to say that we’re complex and fascinating creatures. We can be sad or happy, Catholics, Muslims or Buddhists, but in the end, our actions are determined by ourselves and not the color of their skin” – said Fugazzotto in an interview to the press service of the League.