Seriously injured firefighter, fell from the roof of an abandoned building in the city centre, is in intensive care (PHOTOS)

Тяжелораненый пожарный, упавший с крыши заброшенного здания в центре города, находится в реанимации (ФОТО)

The captain of the fire Department of Toronto, remains in hospital in critical condition after he and another firefighter fell from the roof of a vacant building in the city center, where tonight the fire broke out with three alarms.

The team was called to a fire in an abandoned house in the area of Jarvis and Shuter streets about 2am.

The fire was so strong that the staff could not get inside and see if there’s anyone inside.

Two of the injured firefighters fell off the roof when trying to ventilate the building.

“They tried to do the hole in the roof to release hot gases and smoke, which is common practice with any fire,” said Deputy captain Jim Jessop.

“But there was so much smoke that firefighters thought they descend to the ledge, but unfortunately, the ledge was not. Over the fact that they fell from a height of three floors.”

Within a few minutes, according to Jessop, firefighters were taken by ambulance to transcentr hospital St. Michael’s.

One of the firefighters broke a leg, it is expected that today it will be discharged.

Another firefighter, captain fire Department of Toronto, suffered serious injuries and is currently in critical condition in the ICU.