Set up tents and barricades in Portland, protesters created an ‘Autonomous zone’

Early Wednesday morning, July 15, protesters in Portland have started to pitch tents in a Park near the Federal courthouse and erect barricades in the streets to create their own Autonomous zone, which is compared with the disbanded area of protest on Capitol hill in Seattle, writes Fox Business.

Поставили палатки и баррикады: в Портленде протестующие создали 'автономную зону'

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The demonstrators started to erect tents in the city centre of Portland square Lonsdale across the street from the Federal building, Pioneer Courthouse, one of those that the Department of homeland security sought to protect by entering into the city of Federal officers two weeks ago.

Camera in the building of the Portland Standard Building showed that the protesters began to assemble the tent late in the evening on Tuesday, July 14, in the same Park, where in 2011 it was organized the movement “Occupy Portland”.

In an unofficial Twitter attributed to a group of young anti-fascist and anti-capitalist views, calling themselves the Pacific Northwest youth liberation front, said that protesters want to create an Autonomous territory Autonomous Territory Chinook Land, or CLAT, in downtown Portland. Chinook — a few indigenous groups living in the North-West Pacific ocean.

Wednesday, July 15, in the statement of the Portland police Department was reported that on the eve of “a couple hundred demonstrators gathered in the Hall of the Revolution in Southeast Portland and walked around the downtown Portland, ending their March at pioneer square”.

The police reported that some marchers went to the justice Center and to 21:15 stood on the road, blocking traffic. Then they started to barricade the streets using “industrial kitchen equipment, interlocking road construction and flashing road signs”. The protesters also lit a few fires.

At about midnight the protesters “organized” left the barricades and went to the Central plot “in an attempt to prevent the officers who went after the change,” reads the police statement. At that time the officers removed some barricades, but then the demonstrators began to return to the area and “officers ceased to participate in it”.

According to police, the demonstrators were thrown in the officers of the glass bottle, and sent the lasers and set fire to what was left of the barricades. A few minutes later one of the protesters put the fire out, and several demonstrators began to rebuild the barricade.

The police added that “tear gas, ammo or force was not used to fight with the crowd”.

Civil unrest spread to many US cities after the death of George Floyd may 25 in Minneapolis. But in Portland, which is considered the location of the extreme left activists, known as “Antifa,” or antifascist, protests never stopped.

The property of the city companies was caused million damage, plummeting sales, and hundreds of thousands of residents of Portland did not go on the streets for six weeks. The mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, said that President trump does not “suppress” the violence, and instead “has aggravated the” tensions, sending Federal officers to the largest city in Oregon earlier this month.

At the weekend one demonstrator was seriously injured when a Federal officer hit him on the head. In another incident, a 23-year-old demonstrator was arrested for assaulting a Federal officer with a hammer when he came out of the courthouse.

Tuesday, July 14, citing Federal officials, Wheeler said that “the best thing they can do is stay in their building or even to leave Portland”. The mayor added that “our goal is to quickly and safely cease these violent demonstrations. In the meantime, I was asked to remove graffiti on local Federal facilities.”

“I was born and raised here, and I am a graduate of the local public school system. I decided to make a life here, I decided to educate my daughter here, said Wheeler, who has been criticized from all sides. And for all the years that I lived here, I’ve never seen people more divided. And I haven’t seen to make it look worse.”

Pacific Northwest youth liberation front, which defines itself as “a Decentralized network of Autonomous youth groups involved in direct action in the direction of complete liberation” reportedly helped organize protesters and give tactical advice.

On his page, published several images of makeshift plywood barriers with slogans such as “Destroy the pigs and prisons”, “the Stolen earth” and “Racism is choking all of us”.

One woman, whose messages were published in the band, lyndsey Smith, shared a video showing how protesters move goods in trucks down the block to build new barriers during the “party on the construction of the barricades”. On the street burning garbage, while some protesters played pipes and drums.

The mayor has repeatedly condemned the violence as a destructive distraction from the movement Black Lives Matter. The authorities make a clear distinction between peaceful protesters and those who seek to cooperate with the authorities, their police calls “agitators”.

Other officials, including several city commissioners, the Governor of the Democratic party Keith brown and the speaker of the house of representatives of Oregon, criticized the police for excessive aggression. This was followed by a cycle of riots, police reaction and further disturbance.

“This battle that we have now is the war for the communication of what is “good protester” and who is “bad protester”. And that trying to make the police and the mayor, is to expand the city against people who took to the streets in protest,” said the Associated Press, Gregory McKelvey, an activist and critic of the police response.

“Each evening, the protest turns into a night of protest against police activities. And so when people say they want it to stop, it cannot stop because today’s protest is about the fact that yesterday did the feds or the police Department of Portland,” said McKelvey.




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