Seven effective ways to lower blood pressure

The actual problem for many.

Семь эффективных способов снизить артериальное давление

Many people on this planet are health issues, particularly high blood pressure. About 20 percent of people have hypertension. About half of all patients die due to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke due to high blood pressure. If you follow these tips, your risk of hypertension will be much lower.

Tip # 1: exercise

Physical activity is beneficial to health of the person and his mood. It is therefore important to include them in your life. At least you have to walk more. It is believed that even a half-hour walk per day can reduce the risk of hypertension. The fact is that while working the muscles lose energy, causing the stimulation of blood flow and normalization of blood pressure.

Numerous studies have shown that due to the walk in the fresh air can neutralize the harm caused to the health of the blood vessels of the feet for a six-hour sitting. In addition, it allows you to cleanse the blood of harmful fats, reduce cholesterol, improve mood, help fight apathy and melancholy.

Note that the benefit of carrying all types of loads, but the most useful in the prevention of high blood pressure are considered as running, gymnastics, tennis, skiing, Cycling, dancing, swimming, Nordic walking. It is noteworthy that this therapy is much more useful drugs which lower blood pressure.

Tip # 2: bring the weight back to normal

One of the main risk factors for the development of hypertension is excess weight, so it is logical that it should be removed. So you will be able to normalize blood pressure. It is worth noting that the most at risk of hypertension-prone men over 35 and women over 45 years. But in this age there is a risk and overweight especially dangerous high blood pressure for people with abdominal obesity. This is due to impaired lipid metabolism, high cholesterol, lots of carbohydrates.

Due to the large amount of fat around the waist increases the risk of developing prediabetes and then diabetes itself. Most often it is associated with harmful food habits acquired to 30-40 years. In this regard, the fight against obesity must begin with youth.

Tip # 3: follow a healthy diet

But to help in the achievement of the previous Board will be able proper nutrition. After all, a balanced diet is the guarantee that the weight will come to normal amount of fat in the body will fall, bodies will be much easier to work with. Definitely need to have Breakfast there last day is not later than 2-3 hours before sleep, and during the day eat small portions five or six times. In the human diet, which wants to prevent the development of hypertension, there should be more vegetables and fruits, less red meat, salt, fatty, fried and very spicy.

Tip # 4: reduce the amount of salt

Sodium chloride in the composition of the salt is needed by the body. But its excessive consumption can cause serious health problems, including increasing the risk of hypertension. Therefore, avoid consumption of too much salty foods and remember that salt is literally everywhere – sausage, half-finished products, fast food, salads, canned food and so on. The salt is able to keep fluids in the body and increase the burden on the heart and blood vessels. In the end, developing high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Tip # 5: say “no” to stress

In stressful situations, the body secretes adrenal hormone cortisol. He needed to adjust blood pressure. But too often the stress this can cause problems in the kidney lead to hypertension. Therefore, you should learn to relax, not to work so hard on the ears regularly, go on holiday, to travel more and to periodically change the situation. Be sure to be distracted from their problems, meet friends and stay always positive.

Tip # 6: watch your pressure

If you are in a risk group, for example, if your relatives suffered from hypertension, then it is a necessary condition. For this you need to buy a blood pressure monitor. Also watch overall health and fitness, pass an annual examination by a physician and make him aware of the tendency to high blood pressure. This is especially important for people over the age of 30.

Tip # 7: pick up useful habits

Healthy habits involve giving up Smoking and alcohol as factors in the development of high blood pressure. Also need to walk more. For example, instead of personal and public transport it is better to walk to work on foot. In General, these tips will allow you to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.