Seven GRU agents tested “Beginner” in Bulgaria established their names (photo)

Семь агентов ГРУ опробовали "Новичок" в Болгарии: установлены их имена (фото)

On Saturday, November 23, the international Bellingcat group engaged an independent investigative journalism, published the results of their research in the case of the poisoning of the Bulgarian entrepreneur, Emilian Hebrew (pictured in ugolovke). The investigation was conducted jointly with the editions of The Insider and Der Spiegel. As already reported “FACTS”, Hebrew sure that in the spring of 2015 against him, his son and Director of his firm had applied a “Newbie”.

In April 2015 the three men felt ill one day. At the time they were in different places in Sofia, but a few hours before all were together in the office of the company. Fortunately, all were saved. The most severe poisoning was Hebrew senior. He was in a coma. After the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal in the UK in March 2018 Bulgarian businessman left no doubt against him used the nerve agent “Newbie”. All symptoms of the same.

Семь агентов ГРУ опробовали "Новичок" в Болгарии: установлены их имена (фото)GRU officer Vladimir Moiseev, acting like Vladimir Popov

The journalists of the Insider engaged in the investigation of poisoning in Sofia shortly after the notorious incident with Kripalani in Salisbury. Later they were joined by experts Bellingcat. The report underlines — in the poisoning Gabrawy and Director of the company attended at least seven employees of the Main Directorate of the Russian General staff (GRU earlier).

Семь агентов ГРУ опробовали "Новичок" в Болгарии: установлены их имена (фото)Nikolai Yezhov

These people could be identified. And journalists used the same database of Russian passports, which helped to establish the real names of poisoners Skrobala. These passports, as expected, churning out the same office for GRU agents. They have the same series, and the rooms are almost in order.

As Bellingcat claims in February 2015 in Bulgaria came three GRU officers: Sergei Fedotov (real name Denis Sergeev) Sergei Pavlov (Sergey Lutenko) and Georgy Gorshkov (Peter Borisov). Then they were replaced by Ivan Lebedeff (Ivan Terentyev), Nicholas Kononikhin (Nikolai Yezhov) and Alexey Nikitin (Alex Kalinin). At the beginning of March in Bulgaria there has arrived Vladimir Popov (Vladimir Moiseev). In may, after the poisoning Hebrew, with Fedotov in Bulgaria came another man — Daniel Stepanov (Daniel corporals).

Семь агентов ГРУ опробовали "Новичок" в Болгарии: установлены их имена (фото)Denis Sergeev

Obviously, Sergei Fedotov was in this operation, a key figure. This follows from the fact that he was involved in the poisoning Skrobala three years later. He or she coordinated the actions of other participants, or to insure their return to Russia.

Семь агентов ГРУ опробовали "Новичок" в Болгарии: установлены их имена (фото)Daniel Corporals

Bellingcat finds proven two important points. The first was in Sofia in April 2015, also used the “Newbie”. Second to poisoning and Garbeva, and Skrobala involved GRU officers, one of whom was involved in both operations.

Семь агентов ГРУ опробовали "Новичок" в Болгарии: установлены их имена (фото)Sergey Luchnikov

And that is why the GRU had intended to deal with the Bulgarian businessman, is not clear. With Sergei Skripal, in principle, everything is clear. He was included in the list of traitors, and his poisoning was to be a demonstration penalty.

Семь агентов ГРУ опробовали "Новичок" в Болгарии: установлены их имена (фото)Georgy Gorshkov

Herbew no relation to Russian intelligence agencies had not. He suggests that it is decided to liquidate due to the fact that his business is the arms trade. Herbew does not deny that Bulgarian has supplied weapons to Georgia in 2008 when there was a military conflict in South Ossetia. But he stresses that its share of supply was low — less than 10 percent of all supplies of Bulgarian weapons to Tbilisi. The supply of weapons Ukraine firm Garbeva did.

The authors of journalistic investigations suggest that GRU decided to deal with the Bulgarian entrepreneur because of erroneous information, according to which Herbew allegedly sold weapons to the rebels in Syria opposed to Bashar al-Assad. The businessman, according to Moscow, could increase the volume of supplies because he intended to buy a large weapons factory. His removal was to prevent this.

The American newspaper the New York Times says that the poisoning in Sofia and Salisbury, as well as the attempted coup in Montenegro, were planning the same division of the GRU group 29 155. Its main objective is to destabilize the situation in Europe. In Spain the same unit fueled separatist sentiment in Catalonia.

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