Seven previously unknown cause of headache

Important information for those who have often a headache.

Семь неизвестных ранее причин головной боли

We all know that headache from weather extremes, but do not realize — the fault may even be uncomfortable shoes. Experts tell how to deal with a headache in different situations.

1. Themselves pain

It is paradoxical but true: the more you swallow painkillers, the higher the risk that they will trigger a new headaches. In our body there are the analgesic mechanisms in response to pain produces a special hormone-like of execute — endorphins and enkephalins are our own “analgesics”. Medicines with regular, and often unnecessary admission suppress antimolevye structure, and a headache starts to occur just out of nowhere, says neurologist Anne Gorenkova.

To get off “analginas needle” help of relaxation techniques, massage of the neck and shoulder Department, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises.

2. Heart medication and birth control pills

Unfortunately, many wonderful and effective drugs can cause chronic headaches. These include:

— heart disease medications — nitroglycerin, verapamil, isosorbide, and derivatives thereof;

hormones — corticosteroids (prednisone, hydrocortisone) and estrogens, which are part of contraceptives and drugs hormonesensitive therapy during menopause;

— reducing blood pressure — captopril (capoten), metoprolol, nifedipine-containing complex preparations (adelfan, raunatin, etc.);

— nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug — diclofenac (voltaren), ibuprofen, indomethacin, naproxen.

If you feel the relationship between medication and headache, you need to tell the doctor. He will choose a different dose or painless for you analogue.

3. Sex, just sex

Imagine, some people head suddenly starts to crack at the wrong time — namely during lovemaking. Yes, at the moment of climax. What here pleasure. Experts call this problem “orgasmic headache”. By the way, men suffer from love-pain syndrome 3 times more often than women.

The reason for such pain often lies in increased blood pressure and early atherosclerosis of blood vessels of the brain. During intercourse, as you know, the pressure jumps up, vessels dilate, pulse quickens and the blood rushes to the head.

If you feel “pain from love” regularly, you need to consult a neurologist and check the blood vessels of the brain.

From proven home remedies can help with Cup of strong, sweet black tea for 10 minutes and goodbye, or one grapefruit, or a few sprigs of fresh parsley.

4. Food provocateur

The most egregious provocateurs — “doping” the workaholic: coffee and chocolate. If the time the body does not receive the next portion, he immediately avenges the attack of headache. It aboutuse headaches, like a hangover, to provoke their unhappy pleasure center in the brain.

Many people react pulsating headache on special proteins biogenic amines, the most famous of them — tyramine, says neurologist Anne Gorenkova. These substances are contained in aged cheeses, vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise, smoked pork, celery, soy, pineapples, avocados, plums.

In many cases, the headache triggers food additive — monosodium glutamate (he refers to vegetable proteins). It is added to improve the taste of bouillon cubes, instant soups and main dishes, complex seasonings.

Some people are prone to food allergies, suffer from headaches… of sausage. Boiled sausages, frankfurters, ham, neck contain nitrites, which gives them a nice pink color (after all, just boiled meat an unattractive grayish color). Nitrite in sensitive people can cause severe, pulsating pain in the temples.

5. Depression

Yeah, sometimes a headache may be the only manifestation of psycho-emotional breakdown. Then these are called psychogenic pain. Their people generally suffer from anxiety and hypochondriac warehouse, hypochondriacs and easily excitable choleric, says psychotherapist Anatoly Herman.

About such 70% of patients were women. In 68% of patients with psychogenic pain the attack starts in the middle or at the end of the day, 19% — the pain occurs first thing in the morning and does not pass from the intake of analgesics.

As a rule, the “nervous” headaches aching, dull, feeling that they poured all over the head, there in the temple, in the back of my head, somewhere inside. This increases irritability, fatigue. Patients complain of “a General discomfort in the head,” which makes it difficult to gather my thoughts, focus, plus a feeling of anxiety.

Another option psychogenic pain is associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (in people, this condition is called “rollback”). They can occur in completely healthy person as a consequence of acute nervous tension, grief, stress, fear.

6. Favorite work

We rarely question the working conditions. Like the cleaner properly cleans and conditioning work, and by evening, the cast iron head. And not only from fatigue, among other things. The cause — hypoxia, i.e. lack of oxygen while excess carbon dioxide.

By the way, the higher is your apartment and office, the less oxygen in the air. It is believed that hypoxic manifestations are always those who live and work above the standard the sixth floor.

What to do? Saturate the air with negative ions. You can buy air ionizer, to get the Cabinet next to the computer useful plants — ferns or evergreen conifer, for example, juniper or decorative fir. And start doing breathing exercises (suitable equipment Wushu, qigong).

7. Uncomfortable shoes and handbags

It would seem, where a head and where feet. But it’s all in the circulation. Due to uncomfortable shoes (too narrow sock, intermittent heel or platform, just not very high quality pad when the foot takes an awkward position) impaired outflow of venous blood, says orthopedic tramadolor Sergei Goryachev. And, as a consequence, suffers from the circulation process as a whole. In the end, the stagnation of blood in the feet and calves of the legs leads to malnutrition of oxygen to tissues of the brain, spasms of small blood vessels.

Because often, when we nameguest a day for heels in the evening clutching his head. In this case, to relieve a headache will help a foot massage and relaxing foot bath.

And stuffed to overflowing handbag on the slim handles, hanging on the shoulder, can pinch the blood vessels in the region of the collarbone and neck, causing muscle tension and microplasma that can also lead to headaches.


In which case, you need to go to the doctor:

— If you have headaches that never happened before.

— Headache continues for more than three days.

— Headache appears in the form of sudden “explosion” inside his head.

— But headaches are marked impairment of vision, speech disorders, coordination of movements, weakness of the limbs or thought disorder.

— Except the headache increased body temperature, or your neck gets stiff.

— Get headaches at the slightest physical effort.

— In addition to the headache there is vomiting, but no feeling of nausea.

— Attack of pain each time becoming more frequent and pronounced.