Seven times for the month lost jobs in USA: the story of a Russian immigrant

“A good friend of mine, for various reasons, could not take root in the United States. Why it did not work, and what reasons influenced the fact that he had to move back to Russia?” the author writes blog 8 Ball “Yandex.Zen”.

Семь раз за месяц потерял работу в США: история русскоязычного иммигранта

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Hereinafter in the first person.

For a month my friend managed to lose seven jobs, each having worked in only one shift. To the conclusion on his failure, he came himself and at first really didn’t understand why this is so. Even became sin on the fact that immigrants don’t love and he will not let this country normally exist. But actually it was easy enough, and “biased” attitude to migrants is not relevant here.

Americans do not care what is your nationality

In fact, Americans by and large do not care from what country you are from, and Russian, they perceive absolutely fine. If you come in and sit down, legs dangling, on the shoulders of taxpayers, and immediately found a job, pay taxes, health insurance, and generally live like most Americans, you will be perceived as a normal US citizen no matter where you come from.

But if you for some reason could not find a job and get settled in, you and no one will be poking fingers in the back, but on the contrary will try to help. For example, will offer intensive courses for a new profession, and at the end will offer you a job.

Jobs in the USA

Work in the United States can be found, mostly low-paid jobs, and such jobs are mainly immigrants. As in the case of my friend, he could not get a paying job because do not know the language, and the only way to go though some work to stay afloat.

So do many immigrants who really are serious to stay in the United States. The first six months they tighten your English and parallel to earn money, after you change jobs and are already beginning to arrange your life.

Also received my friend, for the first four days he has lost 4 jobs with the formulation ineffective. As it was — he agreed to work the first day for him eyeing and the date paid. Paid him $16 per hour, this is considered a low-paying job that requires no special skills and knowledge.

Ineffective employee

Several times he had a job as a loader, like all super, the clock is ticking, money is dropped. Paradise, not a job. But each time the end of the shift with him saying goodbye, while taking this decision the wording is ineffective. Why did it happen? It is very simple.

As soon as he got the job, the first thing he would do is he thought would be less strain, but that time passed, and money was dropped into his pocket. Go smoke around the corner, get a coffee, do a little work, I sit in the nose will dig deeper, going for lunch, and then again sitting, and there is no work, loads and unload nothing. But the result is always the same.

In the United States will have to work

Been found in the United States you are paid every minute needs to prove its effectiveness. No smoke breaks and get-togethers. You every minute needs to do something. Got a loader, but there is nothing to upload, to restore order in the warehouse. Restored order in the warehouse, spread the goods in stock, study the product, where they are located and in what quantity. Well, if you do nothing else to do, approach the Manager and ask for additional work.

The head of the go for extra work to avoid being sent home. To earn more hours and thus earn more.

So friends, in the United States to work. And the more you work, the more you are valued as an employee. So you gradually increase the pay, and really low-wage jobs can be lifted up. Of hacks there is no one to do so. The other 3 he lost, but stayed on them a little longer.



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