Seven years and $70,000 later, they will finally be able to live their love in Quebec

Seven years and $70,000 later, they will finally be able to live their love in Quebec


After seven years of procedures and $70,000 in fees, a 57-year-old man can finally live in Quebec with the love of his life, a 29-year-old Vietnamese woman who has obtained her permanent residence in the country.  

“They didn't believe me. Because of the age difference, they thought it was a fake marriage,” explains the resident of Trois-Pistoles.

Harold Rioux and Nguyen Thi Linh had to trim hard before officials 'Immigration Canada does not recognize their union.

“While I was paying and struggling, a gang of illegal immigrants passed through Roxham Road, but that's not a big deal,” laments the man.

Wedding in 2015

Madly in love, the couple never gave up. After a first contact on Facebook and months of virtual exchanges, the two met in Vietnam to get married in 2015. 

From then on, the process began and an application for spousal sponsorship was submitted to the Canadian government and finally approved in 2018. 

As the official document proves, Harold Rioux and Nguyen Thi Linh got married in 2015 in Vietnam and the authentication was issued in 2016.

Meanwhile, Harold Rioux who is a seasonal worker, went every year for five to six months in the Asian country to live his honeymoon. 

“I think that’s really what made the difference in the decision. They saw that it was serious,” he says.

Subsequently, a request was sent to obtain a permanent residence permit, but before the prescribed deadlines, the pandemic struck.

Already there, Mr. Rioux remained in Vietnam for almost two and a half years without hearing from Immigration Canada.

It was finally last February that the email is entered. “My spouse had to pass mandatory medical tests and finally in March everything was settled,” he says.

Like René and Céline

The lovers are now well established in the country of Victor-Lévy Beaulieu (VLB). Nguyen Thi Linh has opened her hair and care salon at Galerie Trois-Pistoles. She is doing very well in French and the lovebirds spin the perfect happiness.

“People are very nice, I already have a good clientele”, she confides with a broad smile.

And for the rest, the couple don't worry too much about the gossip about the 28-year age difference, which comes mainly from social networks.

“We have a good shell. And those who don't understand, I tell them it's like Céline (Dion) and René (Angélil),” concludes Harold Rioux.

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