Several dozen Nobel prize laureates called on the world to change the counter-narcotics strategy (PHOTO)

Несколько десятков лауреатов Нобелевской премии мира призвали изменить стратегию борьбы с наркотиками (ФОТО)

About 30 Nobel peace laureates urged governments of all countries to consider the possibility to change the strategy to combat drug use. Including in their proposals contain justification for legalization, reports TASS.

According to the newspaper Milenio, for the 17th summit of Nobel peace laureates, which was held this week in the Mexican city of Merida, the participants noted that the drugs must be regarded as a “public health problem, not as a crime.”

“We encourage the exploration of innovative strategies to combat the drugs crisis. For example, those that have been introduced in some countries and regions with the aim of reducing and legalization of drugs”, – the newspaper quoted the Liberian human rights activist Lama Gbowee, who was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 2011.

The laureates also called for completely abandon the creation of nuclear and biological weapons, and work together to prevent ecological crisis