Several nominations to come at the PLQ

Several nominations to come to the PLQ


As the provincial elections approach, the parties begin to present their candidates, but among the Liberals, there seems to be a desire to leave more room for nominations.

The Leader Dominique Anglade had pledged to use nominations as often as possible to let members vote for their favorite candidate.

At least four constituencies will use this method.

A website has also been created by the party to encourage people to submit their candidacy.

PLQ nomination contest


Outgoing MP: Andres Fontecilla

Two candidates, including Christopher Baenninger

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Outgoing MP: Marie Montpetit

The two candidates are Kassandra Theodat-Cherry and Jonathan Marlot


Outgoing MP: Paule Robitaille

Ten e candidates, including Chntal Rossi, Marie-Livia Beaugé and Madwa Nika Phadord Cadet


Outgoing MP: Guy Ouellet

Six candidates, including Peter Papadakis