Sex scandal Placido Domingo: canceled speeches of the singer


Секс-скандал вокруг Пласидо Доминго: отменены выступления певца

Legendary Opera singer Placido Domingo was accused of sexual harassment. 78-year-old tenor made in connection with this official statement. “It’s hard to know that I could cause someone pain, and made to feel uncomfortable, and it doesn’t matter if it happened a long time ago and I didn’t mean anything bad. I believed that all my communication and relationship was desirable and based on mutual consent. Those who know me or worked with me know that I’m not the man who can deliberately inflict pain, hurt or put in an awkward position, “—said Domingo. .

The prosecution has put forward eight singers and one dancer. All described their cases were at the end of the 80s, Another six women claim that they felt uncomfortable when Domingo in their presence released the replica with sexual overtones.

Placido does not deny that he had certain relations outside of marriage. However, singer stressed that the allegations “are not true as presented”.

“I understand that the rules and standards that should apply to us now, different from those that existed in the past. I was lucky that more than 50 years of my career was devoted to Opera, and I will adhere to the highest standards, “said Domingo.

Only one of the female mezzo-soprano Patricia Wolfe, publicly called his name. According to the singer, Domingo had not touched her, but came so close to her that every time she left the stage, and asked whether it was mandatory for her to go home.

Another woman said that once a singer has climbed hand under her skirt. Three remembered that he forcibly kissed them. The incidents occurred in different places: backstage, in the hotel room, the meetings in the Opera, in the guide which worked good.

Two women say they had to sleep with Placido. Otherwise, their career would come to an end.

Police have not engaged in this case. But Opera theatre of Los Angeles, who since 2003 headed by Domingo spend in relation to his case. To do this, create an “independent Advisory Council”. The press service of the theatre, said: “We strive to do everything we can to create a professional cohesive environment where all our staff and performers feel equally comfortable as well as feel appreciated and respected”.

The famous “Metropolitan Opera” in new York decided to wait for the results of the investigation in Los Angeles before making conclusions about the further cooperation with the tenor.

Amid accusations Domingo Opera of San Francisco announced that it would cancel forthcoming performances of the singer. October 6 was preparing for a big concert dedicated to the 50-year cooperation of the theater with a Spanish singer.

The same decision was made and the Symphony orchestra of Philadelphia, which was to give the 18 September joint concert with Domingo.

Placido Domingo born on 21 January 1941 in Madrid. His debut on the big stage was held in the Opera “Rigoletto” in Mexico city. According to experts, the singer is different from other tenors are extremely expressive and passionate style of performance. During his more than half-century career he has sung around 150 leading Opera parties not less than 21 times opened the season in “the Metropolitan Opera”. Domingo is married to singer Marta Ornelas in 1962. This is his second marriage.

Stars of the Opera not for the first time are at the centre of sexual scandals. In may 2018, “the Metropolitan Opera” filed a lawsuit against the outstanding American conductor and musician James Levine. The amount of the claim is 5.8 million dollars. In early December of 2017, he was accused of sexual harassment. The conductor denied it. However, an internal investigation found that throughout the 40 years that Levine was “the Metropolitan Opera”, he used his position to satisfy sexual needs. Currently Livigno 76 years.

At the end of July this year in Texas was detained by a world famous Opera singer David Daniels. He has a rare voice — a countertenor. 54-year-old American officially accused in the gang rape. The victim was baritone Samuel Schultz. Crime in may 2010 made Daniels and husband, William Walters. Now he faces a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

We will remind, in the prison committed suicide American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of pedophilia and selling minors into sexual slavery.

And with famous actor Kevin spacey dropped all charges of sexual harassment.

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