Sexism and transphobia motivate people to join the far right

Sexism and transphobia motivate people to join the far right


Fueled by gender-based and transphobic violence, the far-right is becoming increasingly commonplace and popular, Canadian and international experts warned Tuesday. 

For the 20th year, experts have gathered from across Europe and North America to discuss right-wing extremism, and how to counter it, the 'Globe and Mail' reported. p>

The conference, held for the first time in Canada, was organized by the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the German Embassy in Ottawa and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

During this meeting, Stéphanie Carvin, an associate professor at Carleton University and a specialist in national security, notably stated that gender-based violence and anti-transgender activities are what motivate people to join the far right.

Participants highlighted the fact that in recent years, right-wing extremism has fueled several deadly attacks in Canada. He has played a role in the harassment and hate directed against Canadian politicians and journalists, especially racialized women. Far-right ideas were also voiced by some people during the protests that swept through downtown Ottawa earlier this year.

Right-wing extremism in Canada is said to be an ecosystem of overlapping “clusters” including legacy hate groups, anti-government movements, anti-immigration groups, gender-based violent extremism and transnational neo-fascist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist movements, detailed Navaid Aziz and Stephanie Carvin in a 2022 briefing paper on the subject.

“One of the biggest battles we fight, in terms of work, is the fight against the popularization of extremism, the proliferation conspiracy theories and the incredible increase in misinformation and disinformation,” said Marilyn Mayo, senior researcher at the Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism, USA.

Another speaker, Heidi Beirich , asserted that teenagers are probably the most likely “to be drawn into the most violent extremist movements.”