Sexual assault: A driving instructor charged

Sexual Assault: Driving Instructor Charged


A driving instructor previously convicted of sexually assaulting students is now charged with attacking a woman, who came across his online ads.

< p>” I give private driving improvement lessons on a passenger vehicle “, announced Jose Adilman Saravia Lopez, introducing himself as an instructor “with 16 years of experience […] including 7  ;years as an evaluator”.

He then claims $30 per session, according to the advertisements still available on the Kijiji site, which have been viewed hundreds of times.

In online classified ads, Jose Adilman Saravia Lopez offers driving refresher courses by presenting himself as an experienced instructor, without specifying his run-ins with the law.

What he forgot to mention, however, was that he was sentenced to 15 months in house arrest for sexual assaults committed during driving lessons.

“ He [had] touched the breast and inner thigh of a 33-year-old victim, while at the same time touching his private parts, Longueuil police described in 2018. The second time, he [had] touched the inner thigh of another 18-year-old victim on more than one occasion. »


Once out of prison, Saravia Lopez had to respect a two-year probation, during which she was prohibited from working in a driving school.

However, despite this condition, the 59-year-old defendant is said to have offered advanced driving lessons through classified ads. 

Since September, he has published ten, in both English and French, which have been viewed 300&nbsp ;times.

It was thanks to this ploy that he managed to get in touch with a woman who was looking to improve her driving skills. 

Then during a course on September 6, he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

A complaint has been filed with the police. 

New victim

And to Following the investigation, Saravia Lopez was handcuffed.

He appeared yesterday by videoconference on a charge of sexual assault, as well as breach of probation.< /p>

“Yes yes, thank you,” he said briefly in court, after being asked if he understood the Crown was against his release.< /p>

Saravia Lopez will return to court on Wednesday to set a date for her bail hearing.

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