Sexual assault allegations: Hockey Canada reopens investigation

Sexual assault allegations: Hockey Canada reopens investigation


Speaking to the public, Hockey Canada confirmed Thursday morning that the investigation into allegations of sexual assault involving members of the 2018 National Junior Team will be reopened.

At the same time, Hockey Canada reported on several measures taken to restore the reputation of the organization.

Last week, on the sidelines of the National Hockey League draft held in Montreal, commissioner Gary Bettman expressed his desire to know more about the situation.

“Our objective is to get to the heart of it and really understand what happened,” he said.

Remember that the federation finds itself in the hot seat for having reached an out-of-court agreement with the victim of an alleged gang rape that occurred in London in June 2018. Many companies have also put their sponsorship with Hockey Canada on ice, while funding from the federal government has been frozen, time to gather more information on the alleged facts.

“We hear from the public, the players, their families, the fans, our sponsors and those affected by what happened in 2018,” said an open letter to Canadians. We hear your anger and disappointment with Hockey Canada, and your feelings are completely legitimate.”

Mandatory participation for players

About the investigation, it will again be conducted by an independent third party, and “all players will be required to participate”.

“Those who fail to do so will be immediately banned from all activities and programs of Hockey Canada”, it was specified.

At the conclusion of the investigation, the matter will be referred to an arbitration tribunal to determine the appropriate consequences, which may include life ban from Hockey Canada activities, on and off the ice.

< p>“We salute the courage of the young woman involved and respect her decision to participate in the investigation in the way she wishes”, it was added.

New mechanism of complaint

Among the measures, Hockey Canada intends to want to carry out “a complete review of the governance” of the federation. Once again, an independent third-party expert will be called upon to do a complete review of the organization and make recommendations.

Hockey also commits to becoming a “good and proper” signatory of the Board of Commissioner on Integrity in Sport (BCIS). A new independent and confidential complaints mechanism will be set up to investigate complaints, including those made in the past, while those involving national programs will be referred to BCIS.