Sexual assault allegations: Hockey Canada reopens investigation

Sexual assault allegations: Hockey Canada reopens investigation


Hockey Canada announced Thursday the reopening of the investigation into allegations of sexual assault involving members of the National Junior Team in 2018.

In a open letter to the public, Hockey Canada has reported on several measures taken to restore the reputation of the organization.

The investigation will be conducted by an independent third party and all players must participate at the risk of being banned from the activities and programs of Hockey Canada, which has implemented mandatory training on sexual violence.

Hockey Canada intends to carry out a complete overhaul of its governance and is committed to becoming a “good standing” signatory to the Office of the Commissioner for Integrity in Sport (BCIS).

A new independent and confidential complaints mechanism will be established to investigate complaints, including those formulated in the past, while those involving national programs will be nt submitted to BCIS.

“We recognize that this change will not happen overnight, but we are committed to learning and working with our partners to improve,” admitted Hockey Canada in its letter.

“What happened in 2018 in London, Ontario, is completely unacceptable, and we reiterate our apologies to the public, the young woman and anyone suffering the aftermath of this case,” added the organization.

On June 22, Ottawa froze funding for Hockey Canada following the organization's testimony on allegations of sexual assault in the community. of the most popular sport in North America.