Sexual misconduct: another lawsuit against Deshaun Watson

Sexual misconduct: another lawsuit against Deshaun Watson


Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is still in trouble after a new woman sued him Thursday for sexual misconduct. 

This is the 26th known lawsuit against the pivot, formerly a member of the Houston Texans. According to court documents obtained by ESPN, Watson allegedly pressured the young woman in question during a massage session in December 2020, in order to receive oral sex. 

Still according to the documents, the young woman states that Watson “continually pressured her to massage his private parts”, before “removing his towel and offering to ride on him”.

The victim, who refused to have a full sexual relationship, was finally overwhelmed by Watson's demands, before orally pleasing him. Watson also gave her $300, she who usually only asks $115 for a massage session. The victim is said to have “suffered from depression and anxiety” after the events.

“Even though she knows that her story will generate many difficult conversations, criticisms, and that she will be blamed as As a victim, the strength and courage of these other women gave her the courage to stand up and speak out, explained the victim's lawyer, Anissah Nguyen, to the ESPN network. She wants justice, not just for herself, but also for the 20 or so other women who refuse to remain silent and those who have yet to speak out publicly.”

Watson is currently serving a purge. an 11-game suspension issued to him by the NFL. He will be eligible to return to action on December 4, against his former team, the Texans.