Sexual misconduct by a doctor on a vulnerable patient

Physician’s sexual misconduct on vulnerable patient


A Montreal family doctor has just been convicted by his professional order for sexual misconduct with a vulnerable patient over whom he “exerted control” in many areas of his life.

“It is obvious that [the doctor] has abused his professional status to distort the professional relationship of which he was nevertheless the guardian […]”, concluded the Disciplinary Council of the College of Physicians, the week last.

Prescribed viagra

Dr. Roger Philip LeBlanc, of the OPUS clinic, had several sexual relations with his patient at his home, in addition to making sexual comments in his office and providing Viagra tablets when these were not medically necessary. The alleged facts date from 2011 to 2020.

During a meeting with the assistant syndic of the College of Physicians of Quebec, the doctor had made “more than a dozen spontaneous confessions”, can we read in the judgment. However, he then denied everything before the disciplinary council.

His “erratic” testimony was not retained, however, as the board was “confused by the different versions offered” by the professional.

Too many hats

Dr. LeBlanc wore too many hats in his patient's life. And the lawyer for the assistant syndic pointed out that he “exerted a hold” on this one.

He was her family doctor and that of her husband. He was also responsible for the research protocol benefiting the patient, suffering from a chronic disease. On a personal level, he also wanted to get involved in his career as an opera singer.

It is moreover for this purpose that a first meeting had taken place at the doctor's home with his patient.

During his testimony, the patient said “that when he arrived, [ M. LeBlanc] was waiting for him with soup and an orange juice in which he is convinced that there were drugs since he felt a certain euphoria throughout the evening. »  

The doctor gave her Viagra soon after and “they had sex in the bedroom, on the stairs and in the basement”. 

In his office, the doctor notably commented on the size of his penis, again according to the patient.

“The evidence is clear as to the reprehensible acts committed”, concluded the council, which is due to meet shortly to determine the sanction to be imposed.

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