Sexual misconduct in the army: French-speaking victims did not receive compensation

Sexual misconduct in the army: Francophone victims did not receive compensation


Ex-Serviceman Believes His French-Speaking Sisters and Brothers in Arms Who Experienced Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces Have Been “Betrayed” by the Ministry of Defence, while very few of them were able to claim compensation.

In late 2019, the Federal Court approved a $900 million compensation settlement for victims of sexual misconduct, whether in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) or National Defence.< /p>

This agreement was reached following several class action lawsuits.

Captain Alexandre Tessier, Quebec representative of military victims and who himself suffered abuse in the course of his duties, denounces the fact that several Quebec colleagues were not informed that they could benefit from reparation measures as well as compensation.

The deadline to claim it was November 24, 2021.

Very few knew about it

  There was obviously a problem when it came time to get in touch with Quebecers, observes Mr. Tessier. 

The latter was able to take advantage of the compensation to which he was entitled, but it was while discussing with colleagues that he found that very few of them were aware. 

“Only 10% of the victims who complained were French-speaking,” he continues.

According to the FAC-DND Sexual Misconduct Class Action Settlement site, nearly 20 000 requests have been received by the administrator. 

“Nearly 20% of CF members are French-speaking. We are asking for fair treatment of Quebec victims,” argues Mr. Tessier. victims believe that it is very difficult for some people to open up on the subject and recognize what they have experienced.

Undertaking the steps for compensation is a way of the cross that cannot not accomplish with a deadline, regrets Mr. Tessier. 

“They broke people. They didn't take that into consideration,” he laments.

Penalized victims

According to him, the deadline imposed for taking advantage of the compensation has penalized many French-speaking victims. 

” For me, it's hurtful, because the 900 M$ is a victory “, leaves- will he fall.

Mr. Tessier requests that the parties to the class action extend the imposed period, thereby allowing victims of sexual misconduct to submit a claim.

At the time of publication, Le Journal was awaiting a response from National Defence. 


  • 2016 and 2017: class actions against the federal government for sexual harassment, sexual assault or discrimination based on sex, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation within the Armed Forces Canadian Forces or National Defence.
  • November 25, 2019: Federal Court certifies class action lawsuits and approves settlement agreement that provides compensation for victims. The overall compensation is 900 M$.
  • Compensation varies between 5000 $ and 50,000 $ per victim.
  • Persons with suffered “exceptional harm” could receive an additional amount of up to $100,000.