“Sexy”: Dayana Yastremsky has pleased fans with bright image (photo)

«Секси»: Даяна Ястремская порадовала болельщиков ярким образом (фото)

19-year-old Ukrainian tennis player Diane Yastremsky, recently announced the beginning of cooperation with German coach Sasha Bazhin, vacationing in his native Odessa.

The athlete participated in a sensual photo shoot, and shared a couple of pictures on his page on Instagram. “Two sides of me” — signed photo with Yastremsky.

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Publication of Dayana Yastremska (@dayana_yastremskay) Nov 24, 2019 at 8:47 PST

Subscribers do not skimp on the compliments. “Sexy Diana“, “Samaaaa Krasivaea“, “Stunned“, “Tear it all next season, Diane, we’re all pulling for you” — written by fans.

Recall that Yastremsky finished the season 2018 at the 22nd position in the world rating list. Ukrainian participated in the small final tournament, held in China Zhuhai, but are unable to overcome the group stage.


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