“Shakhtar” abishow “Cells” and “rum” in the club rating OF

"Шахтар" обійшов "Челсі" і "Рому" в клубному рейтингу УЄФА


The bright victory over “Basel” (4:1) and vid in pufal Play Wrapi dozvoliv “Shahtari” has to do two sketches in napramku Evropeiskogo Ampu – “griki” zarobili 4 points in klubniy a rating OF (three for Peremoga over the I odne vid in nastupni stage Turnu) and Panelist on TV posits, potsnavy “Cells” I “rum”.

Sumarno n’yat ostanni sezonu “Shakhtar” vzhe gaining 84 points. Thus, donechchina sumo of Viti on the 14-th position in the ranking.

Note, that “Inter” – Copernic pdopa Lucha Castro at pufal L – Sigma 39-the position in the ranking.

Dadamo scho Kiske Dynamo s 55 balls poda 26th meeting place. Tsey rating vpliva on POV in evrokubkah.

"Шахтар" обійшов "Челсі" і "Рому" в клубному рейтингу УЄФА