“Shakhtar” abishow Roma in the club rating OF

"Шахтар" обійшов "Рому" в клубному рейтингу УЄФА


After vcherashnego razgroma Wolfsburg in match-1/8 and answers fnalu Play Vrapi (3:0) and the exit in certify Turro, “Shakhtar” viyshov on the 15th the meeting place in club rating OF Ostend for 5 years, pormo kassiesa.net.

Pidopichni Lucha Castro Obili “Roma”, “Napal” I “the Lyon”. However, Tsikh troh clubw has her chance naslovnata I navti of obiti “girnikiv”.

For tsogo ninsiima club CEN-mentor “Shahtarya” Paulo Fonsec – “ROM” at what paramagudi within 18 fnalu Play Wrapi “Silly”.

And talisha and frantsuzskomu clubs need Domotica analnogo result in match against “Barcelona” (poslezavtra) and Juventus (tomorrow) respectively, on the same ment stud Play League journal.

Dadamo scho lderly rating salecause three spansk the club: “real”, “Atleta” and “Barcelona”, and VERHN two rows okupowali two madridsky club – real Madrid digit vipereye their zemlju.

Chinni winner of the UEFA Champions League “Liverpool” roztashuvannya lachey at the 8th row.