Shakhtar punished for ads in Russian on RSC “Metalist” during the match with “Dinamo” – media

"Шахтер" наказан за объявления на русском языке на ОСК "Металлист" во время матча с "Динамо", - СМИ

The control and disciplinary Committee of the Ukrainian Association football (UAF) has decided to punish the Shakhtar penalty in the amount of 20 thousand hryvnia for announcements in Russian, which sounded at the RSC “Metalist” during the match of the 14th round of the Favbet League against Dynamo (1:0), reports

During the match the referee of the match Nikolay Balakin was asked several times to make an announcement about the unacceptability of racism. In the end, the announcer in the stadium it sounded in Russian.

Recall that, on 10 November in the second half of the above match, fans of the Kiev club imitated the sounds of monkeys, thereby showing racism towards the players, taison and Dentinho. The game was suspended for several minutes.

The UAF informed the FTC has punished “the Dynamo” the match in an empty stadium and a fine of 500 thousand hryvnias for manifestations of racism from the fans in the game against Shakhtar.

Also, the Pitmen’s captain Tyson was suspended for one game for obscene gesture towards fans of Dynamo. Another two matches, the Brazilian is suspended conditionally.

Adding that official confirmation of the sentence of “Shakhtar” on the FTC website of the UAF, so far, not been recorded.