Shaking or tremor: why it can be a dangerous symptom?

Although uncontrolled shaking or tremor often is not fraught with danger, for such creeps can hide serious diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis. In the case of tremor, it is important to understand the cause – this is crucial for diagnosis and treatment.

Дрожь или тремор: почему это может быть опасным симптомом?

Tremor in healthy people is normal. This symptom occurs when opposing muscles involuntarily reduced. Everyone is aware of the tremor, which occurs when a strong emotion or at low temperatures. Many people know that this tremor caused by abuse of alcohol.

According to experts, tremor can be of any degree of intensity, from weak to very strong, when it can affect various parts of the body. Doctors distinguish two forms of tremor, which appear in different conditions:
different body parts shaking at rest.
shivering occurs when you perform various movements.

Also, experts know the complex factors that often cause a tremor that is not associated with the effect of cold. They include the following circumstances:

Often, tremor is a side effect of medication. Cause it is capable of the following: Tremor as a symptom of the disease. A number of diseases, including very dangerous, can manifest as uncontrollable shaking. The most common among them are: Tremor as a distinct disease. The causes of this condition, not associated with external factors, medications and other diseases is still largely unclear. However, scientists have determined the genetic (hereditary) component, which affects the occurrence of this tremor more than half of the patients. This type of tremor usually manifests itself in adolescence.