Shakira told how to identify the next hit

From her, however, I have not heard anything new, but it’s probably because she is just preparing to blow up the charts.

Шакира рассказала, как определить будущий хит

The last album of Colombian singer, El Dorado, was released in may 2017. And now Shakira herself shared a proven way to see whether a new song hit.

My hips tell the future! It’s funny, but I have a method that never failed me, I use it to find out whether a new song is popular or not. If it is possible incendiary dance, it will be. I am trying to find a new sound for his songs and glad that now the new variants appears more and more together with music development. And while I can’t say what my song is my favorite. Can’t choose. With each bound some of his memories

― gave Shakira her secret.

Just memories and she indulged in, and these memories was not fun. Shakira said that when she was young, Latin America was not very common the Internet, and so instead to gain subscribers, how to do now, she was forced to come out to people who could help her move. While nine out of ten she usually refused.

In addition, it was hard to get due to the fact that she is a woman. Shakira said that her path was not easy and that perseverance in the music industry sometimes valued more than talent.