Sharon stone has given a new interview about beauty mistakes and difficulties in your career

61-year-old Sharon stone this year — the popular heroine of glossy magazines. In summer discussed her cover for Vogue Portugal, she recently starred for the Spanish Harper’s Bazaar, and now the actress has appeared in the new issue of Allure magazine. In an interview, stone also talked about beauty, sex at a Mature age, and much more.

Шэрон Стоун дала новое интервью о бьюти-ошибках и трудностях в карьере

Every new photo of Sharon, which appears in the press, invariably arouses the audience’s delight — compliments to the fans of the actress are not stingy, so the conversation the journalist, of course, began with beauty questions, asking what errors stone made in his life.

Too much plucked eyebrows. And, may be, little use sunscreen,

— admitted Sharon.

In addition, the actress spoke about stereotypes, which invariably faced beautiful people.

People can be incredibly evil. They think that if you are beautiful, you must be stupid. If you are beautiful, you have to make you feel humiliated. If someone is beautiful, for God’s sake, let it be beautiful

— voted star of the film “Basic instinct” (Basic Instinct). By the way, the actress noted that today such a film is unlikely to be removed.

I think he was shot in the right time. I doubt that today he would become so sensational in those years

— said Sharon.

Shared actress and thoughts on how she had spent her career in Hollywood.

In my contract was something that I could choose their partners or the movies, but it wasn’t true, because my career has been short and fragmentary.

My career could have been very different- I think I’m more than a sex symbol. When I got sick (the stone had a stroke in 2001. — Approx. ed.), I was unable to get back to business, how could a man, for example. I was sent to the back of the line again to start with bit parts on TV and stomp their way back. The former movie star has no power, — said Sharon.

Stone also talked about what age she thinks best in his life.

When I was 40 something — it was a great time, although I didn’t have work, because women at this age did not find roles in Hollywood. I was just a mom with three children, was recovering from the stroke and participated in the trial in the custody of the oldest child, but there was something beautiful in these tests.

Let none of us wanted to meet me — who needs a woman with children, was a period of change and acceptance. Although I would like to have someone fall in love with me then. I think life would not seem so harsh if I had a partner.

Shared Sharon and their views on sex in adulthood.

This, of course, speculative at the moment, because I must be a lover, but I would say that having sex at my age would be better because it will happen love. Sex at this point in my life I’m not interested,

— stone said.