Shawn Mendes told the fans the truth about the relationship with Kamila Cabello

Shawn Mendes spoke about the beginning of his relationship with his girlfriend Kamila Cabello during questions and answers with the fans in Hindmarsh, Australia.

Шон Мендес рассказал фанатам правду об отношениях с Камилой Кабельо

21-year-old Shawn Mendes and 22-year-old Camila Cabello officially started Dating on holiday! The singer took the time to answer a question from a fan about how long he and his beloved were together during the questions and answers, which he spent in Hindmarsh, Australia, October 26, and it turned out that the two lovers ironically decided to become a couple in the independent day of the year: independence Day. “We’re not Dating so long, we’re meeting on 4 July officially,” said Sean during the “Q & A”, which attracted a large number of people to say “Awww”.

Since the beginning of summer for Sean and Camille had seen many times around the same time, their stunning duet with the song and the music video “Senorita” was released on 21 June to finally get an exact date when it officially started to answer the many questions fans. Soon after the Internet appeared the news of Sean’s fans went to social networks to share photos of the Duo taken on 4 July, and signed with sweet words. In the pictures it was seen as the new guy and girl hugging in the street near the pool that clearly reflects the happiness that they were at the time.

Although Sean and Camille took some time to confirm their relationship, they were not shy when it comes to flaunting a kiss. Moments holding hands to ukradesh views and a passionate embrace — these two incarnations of the cute couple. Now, when they also openly talk about their feelings, it became even more amazing. “I’m so glad. I know him so long, and I don’t know, it just feels like home to me. Yes, I’m really happy,” Camila said during an interview on 7 October.
It’s so great to hear about the beginning of the novel Sean and Kamila. They were friends for many years before it turned into more, so they are living proof that sometimes love can bloom when you least expect it!