She does have isn’t like: Ani Lorak shocked by the change in appearance

Recently Ani Lorak has increasingly come under attack in the network. And all because of the appearance: many fans have noted that in recent time, the singer was too fond of plastic surgery, which becomes almost unrecognizable.

Она совсем уже на себя не похожа: Ани Лорак шокировала изменениями во внешности

And recently released the latest issue of OK! who graced Ani. For the cover the actress appeared in a stylish photo shoot, which has already been criticized by her followers. In particular, fans are outraged by the portrait of lorac close up:

“She’s already not acting like yourself”, “Great view”, “shows all operations”, “what are you turning?”, “Themselves do not like”, “I didn’t recognize you,” “And was formerly so beautiful…”