She saved her husband from alcoholism, having done everything according to the recipe of the healer. The miracle balm that has helped many families!

Она спасла мужа от алкоголизма, сделав все по рецепту целителя. Чудо-бальзам, который помог многим семьям!

Alcoholism (alcoholism) is a disease occurring as the result of frequent, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and painful addiction to them.

In acute alcohol intoxication, being absorbed quickly from the stomach and entering the blood acts primarily on the nerve cells of the brain. First and foremost it is a violation of attention and self-control. Therefore, if drunkenness is lost, rationality of action, the thoughtfulness of actions; hence coming at the beginning of the intoxication the exhilaration, excessive talkativeness and flightiness.

Gradually depressing the Central nervous system effect of alcohol progresses: lost the ability to perceive stimuli, reduced sensitivity to pain, there comes a disorder of coordination of movements, faltering speech. Finally, there comes a heavy and deep sleep, often with subsequent loss of memory about the events. The duration of an acute intoxication usually does not exceed 4-6 hours. A dose of 7-8 grams of pure alcohol per 1 kg of body weight for a human mortal.

In the complex treatment of alcoholism is very effective to combine the special balm of “Tormal” and onion juice with honey. This will reduce the craving for alcohol, cleanse and strengthen the body.

Onion juice is a powerful medicinal tool available to absolutely everyone. Before the advent of traditional medicines with the help of this natural healer people were treated for many diseases, used the juice and pulp of the onion as a prophylactic.

How to prepare balm “Tormal”

The name of the balm stands for “inhibition of alcoholism.” Necessary herbs: rhizomes of Angelica and Rhaponticum, leaves and stems of St. John’s wort, thyme, peppermint, yarrow, wormwood, black currant leaves, juniper berries. All the ingredients should be well dried, then crushed. Take each raw material is 20 g and mix with each other and fill it with vodka, high quality (calculation: 1 g of a mixture – 15 ml vodka). Leave in a dark place so the herbs steep. Then strain, pour the remainder of a liter of hot boiled water and leave for a couple of days. Again, strain, mix with vodka tincture merged earlier. Mix well and shake. Healing balm is ready.

Add the resulting balm 1-2 teaspoons in tea and other drinks (not fizzy) in herbal infusions. In addition, the patient with alcoholism should be taken three times a day a mixture of onion and honey (taken in equal proportions), 1 tablespoon at a time.It would be good to drink this mixture of juice of wormwood, or thyme. Treatment lasts 1.5-2 months. By the way, the reception of onion juice with honey perfectly helps with cardiovascular diseases.

Of course, alcoholism treatment will have an effect only if the patient himself really wants to be healed. Only then he will diligently make all appointments, never missing a single day, which is very important for full recovery.

As you can see, the ordinary onion juice cures many different diseases and is an excellent preventive measure. Be always healthy and happy!