Shevchenko asked to change the calendar and rules of procedure the remaining part of the championship Ukraine Premier League

Шевченко просил изменить календарь и регламент оставшейся части чемпионата Украинской Премьер-лиги

Andriy Shevchenko

Ukrainian Premier League were sent to clubs Favbet League request, with the aim to know their opinion about a possible change of the rules and plan-calendar for the earlier of the completion of the championship of Ukraine in the interests of the national team of Ukraine to Euro 2020, according to

This was planned to cancel the knockout stages of the Europa League, which was registered in the Ukrainian plan-the calendar on 28 and 31 may.

Note, in the mini-tournament playoff, which will feature part 4 of the Favbet League club, who finished with 4 to 7 places, will be awarded one ticket to LE.

However, the coaching staff Andriy Shevchenko, who planned to hold Euro 2020 two sparring roughly 2 and 7 June, and then go to the place of permanent deployment of the national team at the Euros in Bucharest.

Thus, because of the matches of the playoffs, there was a risk to lose for a week of training (at least) the following candidates to the national team of Ukraine “Dynamo”, “Alexandria” and “Dawn”: Vitaly Nikolenko, Victor Tsygankov, Denis Boyko, Yuriy Pankiv, Alexander Karavaev, Artem Shabanov, Sergey Sidorchuk, Vitaliy buialskyi, Vladimir Shepelev, Dmytro Ivanisenya, Nikolay Shaparenko, etc.

In this regard, in the Premier League and received a proposal to repeal the matches of the playoffs that the Favbet League clubs voted negatively.

In the end, it was decided to leave in force the schedule of the championship of Ukraine, but to make it a calendar adjustment – the knockout stage of the Europa League to shift with the 28 and 31 may 20 and may 24, respectively.