Shevchenko spoke about pandemic coronavirus

Шевченко высказался по поводу пандемии коронавируса

Andriy Shevchenko

Head coach of Ukrainian football Andriy Shevchenko spoke about pandemic coronavirus and told the family is going through this difficult period.

“Very anxious time. But everything is in order, adhere to the quarantine, follow the information from Ukraine. Worried about the future. But I hope that all will be well. A very difficult situation in Italy. My friends, my helpers. What is happening there now, those numbers …It’s like a snow shaft, it constantly increases. Everyone should be prepared for the fact that very good news in the near future should not wait. Fully aware of that. Must prepare for very hard times, must work together to survive and to move on” – quoted Shevchenko

“See what this virus is different manifests itself in respect of each. Someone could get very severe form, who has the body stronger and it is in the form of light. But we see that this problem should be taken much more seriously than he treated others in Italy, when a quarantine was imposed, not all adhered to it. I hope that Ukraine is different. Constantly monitoring the situation at Home. Ukraine worries me the most. We have not so many occasions. And it’s very good. The action taken was correct, and it is important that everyone follow the rules. In no case should not allow the situation that we see in Italy,” concluded the head coach.

Shevchenko also commented on the illness of ex-teammate and legends of Italian football Paolo Maldini.

“Paolo spoke, 2 days ago talked on the phone. Yes, he has confirmation of the coronavirus, but stable, I think he has a light form, he’s all right,” expressed the hope Shevchenko.