Shipwreck in Cambodia: 11 children killed, 3 arrested

Shipwreck in Cambodia: 11 children killed, 3 arrested


Eleven children died Thursday evening when their boat sank in Cambodia, and three people, including the two owners and the 15-year-old operator of the boat, were arrested, announced the police on Saturday.  

The small boat, which was carrying children aged 12 to 15 returning from an English lesson, sank late Thursday evening in the Mekong River, in the province from Kandal (southeast), about 50 meters from the shore. 

The three arrested people were taken to Kandal police headquarters for questioning, the AFP local police chief Am Thou. “They could be subject to legal proceedings. We are examining what could be held against them,” he said. 

Authorities halted the search on Saturday morning, with a final toll of eleven dead and four survivors, including two boat operators and two students. 

Such accidents are common in Cambodia, where people living near rivers are highly dependent on boats for transportation. The government recently warned residents of Mekong flooding caused by heavy rains.