Shmigal said that is working on creating a strategic platform

Denis Shmyhal and the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Igor Petrashko discussed the activities in terms of quarantine with representatives of the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

Шмыгаль заявил, что ведется работа над созданием стратегической платформы

The Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.

“Today, together with the Minister of economic development Igor Petrashko conducted an online meeting with representatives of the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. Discussed the activities subject to quarantine measures conducted by the government in connection with the spread of the coronavirus disease. Understand that restrictions can be unpleasant and uncomfortable for the business, however, they result in the issue save lives of Ukrainians”, — he wrote.

Denis Shmigel noted that the government is grateful to the enterprises of the American chamber of Commerce for their understanding and responsibility.

Smigel noted that ready strategies in the face of crisis does not have one, and Ukraine takes into account the experience of other countries, to include possible consequences of a pandemic COVID-19. For this, the government is actively communicating with the business: “We are synchronized with the business, their advice is our road map for the salvation of the economy”.

The head of government stressed that Ukraine can not afford two to three months to sit on the couch. We have to think about the economy, therefore, together with the business and the best scientists is working on creating a strategic platform, which will include leading economic experts.

“Separately noted in conversation the importance of the actions taken this week by the Verkhovna Rada draft laws on banking activities and the land market. Ukraine has already received positive feedback from the IMF and the ambassadors of the G7 countries”, — said Smigel.