Shmigal said that “warm up” the economy through seniors

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal said that the Ukrainian economy during the crisis can be reheated with additional payments to pensioners.

Шмыгаль заявил, что «разогреет» экономику благодаря пенсионерам

As the Wave passes, he said this at a government meeting.

Smigel also reminded that the majority of pensioners received in April a lump sum of 1 thousand UAH. Besides, the government from may 1, conducts the indexation of pensions by 11% in accordance with the law.

“This is real money that will help to warm up our economy during the crisis, when it was suspended part of the small and medium business as it means an increase in the consumption and purchase of Ukrainian products”, — he stressed.

It should be noted that the decision of the Cabinet about the planned indexation of pensions from 1 may 2020 will touch 8.4 million pensioners out of a total number of 11.3 million pensioners. After indexing the average size of the increase will be 260 UAH. The minimum increase is 100 hryvnia.